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Whole Beans vs Ground Coffee Beans | Outsiders Blog

Whole or Ground???Whenever you purchase beans I always suggest on purchasing them whole.A couple of reasons lead me to this personal preference. 1. I like to keep the coffee as fresh as possible. Whole beans have less surface area than ground beans, which gives it a longer shelf life. Why? Because coffees kryptonite is oxygen and moisture. Once exposed it'll start to lose its magical taste. 2. I love the different notes coffee brings from the region it comes from. It's something I like to geek out on. 3. I have a grinder. _______________________If you vibe out with one of the reasons I stated, I suggest getting your beans whole. But if you're on the other side and need coffee for...

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Patience is A Key To Tasting Coffee | Outsiders Blog

The key to enjoying what specialty coffee has to offer is something we all need work on, patience. Waiting for the coffee to cool down so we can start to detect the different flavor offerings that coffee bean hasWhen you finish brewing your coffee enjoy the aroma of the coffee, try to detect and describe what you're smelling. It's not wrong to start drinking/slurping the coffee but in the beginning all you'll really get is bitterness. __________________122° degrees to 87° is where the magic happens. Although the aroma will begin to disappear, so will the bitterness. Replacing it are the tastes like sweetness (plum) and acidity (juicy green apple). Not only do the tastes kick in but the flavor notes...

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Coffee Facts I wish I learned Sooner | Outsiders Blog

Entry 002: Roast Level__________________Coffee is typically roasted three ways. Light, Medium, and Dark. Going to spend time talking about Light and Medium because that's what we're roasting here at Greenville. The level is determined based on what we want to taste in the finished product. __________________Light roast:This cup will be brightest and most acidic out of all the roasts. When we say acidic think about the snap of a juicy green apple and not the mouth puckering sip of lemon juice. Light roast best represents the characteristics of the origin/origins the beans were selected from. __________________Medium Roast: You'll notice a darker brown in color with a smoother surface compared to the lighter roast. As we progress into a medium roast...

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