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Coffee Facts I wish I learned Sooner

Coffee Facts I wish I learned Sooner

Entry 002: Roast Level

Coffee is typically roasted three ways. Light, Medium, and Dark. Going to spend time talking about Light and Medium because that's what we're roasting here at Greenville.
The level is determined based on what we want to taste in the finished product.

Light roast:

This cup will be brightest and most acidic out of all the roasts.
When we say acidic think about the snap of a juicy green apple and not the mouth puckering sip of lemon juice. Light roast best represents the characteristics of the origin/origins the beans were selected from.

Medium Roast:
You'll notice a darker brown in color with a smoother surface compared to the lighter roast.
As we progress into a medium roast you bring more balance in a cup between the acidity and body. You'll still be able to recognize some of the characteristics of the origin but not as bright as a lighter roast.

When we discuss the body of coffee. Think of the mouthfeel of the cup. When you drink it does it remind you Earl grey tea or a glass of whole milk?


Both are awesome cups of coffee and depends on what you're preferences are.
I enjoy a brighter cup so I lean towards light roast but I know a lot of people who don't enjoy that characteristic, so they choose medium.
Enjoy coffee the way you want to enjoy it!


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