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Whole Beans vs Ground Coffee

Whole Beans vs Ground Coffee

Whole or Ground???

Whenever you purchase beans I always suggest on purchasing them whole.

A couple of reasons lead me to this personal preference.

1. I like to keep the coffee as fresh as possible. Whole beans have less surface area than ground beans, which gives it a longer shelf life. Why? Because coffees kryptonite is oxygen and moisture. Once exposed it'll start to lose its magical taste.
2. I love the different notes coffee brings from the region it comes from. It's something I like to geek out on.
3. I have a grinder.

If you vibe out with one of the reasons I stated, I suggest getting your beans whole.
But if you're on the other side and need coffee for the energy boost, don't really care much about the flavors, or don't have a grinder at home... DON'T SWEAT IT. Get your beans grounded.
It's not the end of the world. You're not going to be shunned or judged. Drink and enjoy coffee the way you want.

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