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The Right Temperature

The Right Temperature


One key to enjoying what specialty coffee has to offer is to work on something we all have trouble with, patience. To appreciate what coffee has to offer, it is imperative that we start to understand how time plays a huge factor. 

Here's a quick guide on how to approach your tasting you next cup of goodness,

When you finish brewing your coffee enjoy the aroma of the coffee, try to detect and describe what you're smelling. What do you smell? Chocolate? Fruits? Tea? You'd be pleasantly surprised with what you get with each bag of coffee.

It's not wrong to immediately start drinking the coffee but in the beginning all you'll really get is bitterness. And a burnt mouth. Try tasting the coffee in 3-4 minute intervals. As the coffee cools down you'll start to notice the change in the coffee.

122°F to 87°F is where the magic happens. Although the aroma will begin to disappear, so will the bitterness. Replacing it are the tastes like sweetness (honey) and acidity (juicy green apple). Not only do the tastes kick in but the flavor notes of the bean you choose do as well. Fruity, floral, herbal, nutty, etc.

Some of you might think I'm talking crazy but give it a shot. If you're newer to speciality coffee don't worry too much about the notes. The next cup of coffee might just like the last cup of coffee. But as you begin to drink more coffee from different origins, you'll begin to pick up the differences. Some cups will have more body and have chocolatey notes while others will be delicate and light like a cup of tea.

I love coffee because it's so complex and nuanced. I hope you enjoyed this and encourage you to try exploring and trying out different bags of coffee. Set a 3-4 minutes timer and take notes on what your tasting.



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